Our mission

Colchester Bible Baptist Church believes it is the essential responsibility to get the gospel out to the world both home and abroad (Matthew 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8). We are determined to support missionaries whose efforts are directed toward establishing and assisting in the development of fundamental New Testament local churches.

Thus, in addition to special offerings and designated giving by our people, at least 16-19% of our annual budget is given to our missions program.

Our Missionaries:

Jason & Heather Armstrong- Mexico
Brian & Erin Bollon – Taiwan
Brian & Jennifer Buckley – China
Michael & Julie Carlyle – Brazil
Craig & LeAnna Comstock – New Zealand
Ernesto & Marlene Forteza – Argentina
Matt & Laura Gass – Tanzania
Jon & Nisha Harris – Peru
Mark & Timmisue Kittrell – Philippines
Edwin & Cassie Lugo – Church Planters in Oregon
Caleb and Missy Metzger – Germany
Brent & Susan Meyers – South Africa
Ken and JoAnne Meyers – Fellowship Bible Mission
G. S. Nair – India
Roger Olson- Fishers of Men International
Bob & Mary Ann Parschauer – WOL
Jimmy Pierre – Haiti
Tim & Sarah Richmond – Queens, NY
Dave & Joy Rozelle – Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Derek and Julie Thomas – Ukraine
David and Jennifer Willis- Spain
Camp Northfield – Northfield, MA
Wilds of New England

Missionaries for the Month of April

Mark & Tammisue Kittrell
Edwin & Cassie Lugo

“Go Therefore and make disciples of all the nations…

Matthew 28:20